Mowden Distance Learning

Spring 2021

Allowing our pupils to continue their learning from home

Welcome to our Information Site for Parents

  • As we continue into a nationwide lockdown, school, parents and pupils find themselves in uncharted waters. There is no one-size-fits-all solution or a quick fix. However, what we can all do, in partnership, is our sincere and absolute best for each other. There are no experts in this scenario and we will have to do our very best for the foreseeable future.

  • Many will try to tell you that this will be home-schooling. This is not the case, as we are not doing this by choice. This is a national emergency. What we are trying to do is maintain education at distance.

  • Teachers will work hard to support key workers’ children in school and those families who have to access materials from home. Families will be working hard to translate best advice into something that works well for them. Pupils will try to find new rhythms and do what they can to continue their education with support from the adults around them. Parents/families are now going to be more important than ever before. However, you have always been the primary educator in your children’s lives and you are excellently placed to understand what is best for them at this difficult time. As teachers, we understand the hugely challenging position parents/families are now in.

  • Equally, teachers and schools are thinking on their feet and doing their level best to find solutions to the myriad of problems that are now apparent. The holidays have been a time for us to draw up contingencies, create resources and formulate effective medium term plans. As families, we hope that you understand that we will be working incredibly hard on your behalf; indeed working alongside you.

  • However, what we can offer is a summary of best advice, lots of support and a sincere desire to help as much as we can. There will be, from the School, a genuine commitment to provide personalised educational support within a flexible framework that takes into account these extraordinary times. However, do not put undue pressure and stress upon yourself or your children at this difficult time.


  • Lessons this term will be conducted using Google Classroom , involving a mixture of 'live' and pre-arranged lesson content

  • Pupils will require an internet connected computer or Chromebook. We have some spares available that pupils can borrow but due to a number of parents already requesting one, there are not many remaining so please don't delay in asking.

  • FAQs addressing the most common questions can be found here