Co-Curricular & Physical Activity

The co-curricular life of a school is a vital aspect and one that develops a sense of balance and allows each and every pupil to have a break from traditional school work

School staff will provide an engaging activities programme that pupils will be able to access live on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings, or catch-up in their own time throughout the week. These activities will support the curriculum, and offer the opportunity to undertake life skills such as cookery and public speaking. Full details of what will be on offer each week and how pupils can access these sessions will be shared in due course.

Please encourage your children to take a sensible amount of exercise, which we know is vitally important to their health, wellbeing and to their learning. There are lots of excellent workouts available online if you think your child might enjoy participating in these. Our own PE and Games departments will also provide support in this regard, by creating sport related activities for the pupils which they can access at their leisure via the Games Google Classroom.

We would encourage parents to support their child’s interests. This may include music practices, or a broad spread of home based activities that reflect the type of provision that may have been offered at School. Hobbies and interests will play a huge part in passing the time and providing a sense of structure. The pupils are very welcome to share these with their teachers, who would love to see the outcomes of any passions or interests.