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How to Contact School for Pastoral and Academic Support

It is hoped that teachers will be available for communication during the normal school day. Please refer to the critical contact list below.

The extended tutor sessions will be an ideal time for pupils to seek support pastoral/academic advice from their tutor.

In general, classwork will be communicated to pupils by teachers via Google Classroom or by their Tapestry account. This will allow a dialogue to be established and assessment processes to be maintained.

If you have a general question, please do email the Form Tutor in the first instance, who will, like before, liaise with you child’s teachers to try and resolve any questions on your behalf.

For those children with additional educational needs, Mrs. Condren will be regularly in contact with you and your child to offer assistance where necessary and provide modified resources and materials. We are acutely aware that a distance learning environment may not be as accessible to some children, and the more feedback we receive from you in this regard, the more tailored we can make our provision for each child.

If you have a subject specific question, please feel free to contact the Subject Teacher. However, please consider that there could potentially be a huge influx of emails and Google Classroom traffic and response times will reflect this.

The School Office will be open remotely and Mrs Rooney will be monitoring emails on a daily basis. Please can all communication to the office, where possible, be by email in the first instance (

If a pupil needs to speak to an adult to help ease any significant pastoral concerns they can contact Mrs. Kay at any time. Equally, Mr Hadfield will support with any operational/academic questions.

If at any point you feel you or your child needs live 1:1 support (via email/phone/live Google Meet), please let us know and our aim is to provide this as quickly as possible.


This advice is supported by Mowden Hall’s Safeguarding Policy and also has due regard to the government publication Keeping Children Safe in Education September 2019.

If pupils are working from a desktop or iPad (and so on) it would be unrealistic to suggest that parents should be introducing the same types of filtering and monitoring in the home environment as schools are using. That said, hopefully parents will already be using some sort of filtering (either at network level or device level – further details on how to do this can be found HERE). If pupils are using a laptop we will still be able to monitor them on Go Guardian as long as they are signed in to their Mowden account on a Google Chrome web browser which can be done on other devices. If you are using a ‘managed’ Chromebook, which has been registered with Mr Hartley, then we will also be able to monitor pupil activity via the Go Guardian platform.

The School uses the Google Platform which is backed up by Google Vault and all correspondence including video calls (Google Meet) can be tracked and retrieved. Any inappropriate material sent via the platform will be flagged up by the Cothill Trust IT department. No data collected for this purpose will be shared outside of the relevant platform. All data will be destroyed as outlined in our Data Retention Policy.

Staff will only communicate/make contact with pupils for the purpose of their work, using equipment and devices in line with school acceptable use policies. Staff will not discuss or share data relating to children, parents/carers.

Do let us know if you have any questions not answered on this site, and we will be happy to include them. For all general enquiries, please see the Who-to-Contact guidelines below